Professional Fees

Platform Fee

To cover customer support as well as other operational costs, there is a 2.9% platform fee for transactions on Prefer paid by the Professional for the cost of the total bill (including tip).

Referral Commission

For each new client introduced to the Professional on Prefer, a 4.9% referral commission will be charged for transactions on Prefer with that client (including tip).

Professionals can see the platform fee and referral commission for completed payments under the payment breakdown.

Fees are subject to change.

Why are there fees?

Our platform was built to INCREASE both the frequency of bookings from existing clients as well as to generate a steady stream of referrals. The more a professional uses Prefer, the more opportunities they have to drive referrals. We charge fees primarily to cover our costs of credit card processing, customer support and operational costs, as well as to manage the referral system and develop new tools to help professionals more easily manage their business.